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Social Media Localization

Social media networks are one of the most incredible resources for businesses looking to promote their brands online, especially the rapidly developing Southeast Asian markets are becoming increasingly attractive destinations for you.


Asiaclick provides the most ideal localization service for locales and target language with professional native marketers.


・Translate and localize your contents into local language

・Modify your content to be more useful and informative 

・Optimize social media content and messages


case study

Travel to Sendai

 Facebook page management in Thai    language.

 Visitors from Thailand to Sendai city  increase up to 11%.

Chateraise Singapore

  Facebook page management for  


 Every week Status update enables    active user participation.

Double circle toshiba

 Facebook page management in 

 Indonesian language.

 Double Circle" tell you through this anime  to the community development coping with  both the environmental consideration and  convenience / comfort.


Good Goods Japan

Business matching event page of Japanese high-quality household commodities and consumer goods.