Ask potential customers.

Discover the unexpected potential.

Online survey is  one of the most efficient and essential route into conducting Asian potential market research.

Asiaclick provides full know-how and online survey platform service with Japan leading research companies and top consultants.


Make questionnaires  and ask your 

potential customers.

Asiaclick will translate into the

participants' native language

and will distribute them via 

 the Way You Want.


Appropriate participants will

answers questionnaires quickly

and Asiaclick will collect the results


Asiaclick Collecting is 

Quick & Correct

All the Time.



Approach to your potentials efficiently


Find unexpected market potential

via leading research

platforms made in Japan.


1) Create questionnaires & translate


Let's share your idea and make questionnaires.  

Asiaclick's native staff will translate questionnaires into native languages with deep insight.



Asiaclick provides the questionnaire softwares made in Japan.

These questionnaire software that making a web questionnaire intuitively and easily for your convenience.

  Asia No.1 net research companies's  full know-how will be your partners.

2) Collect and Distribute

Based on your need and purpose,

Asiaclick will distribute your survey to respondents via 

email, social network or web pages.

 After making a questionnaire, Asiaclick will issue

         URL of the questionnaire the way you choose or our recommendation. 

3) Result Consulting

Asiaclick will deliver you the result of survey.

Every process is fast and reliable, but it's not the last process!

     We analyze your results with professional consultants in Asian market insights

that will provide further opportunities for your Asian business.