Asiaclick offers a full suite of marketing & advertising services the below: 

Analytics, Brand Strategy, Experiential, Media, Research,Survey, Social and special thing for you.

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Type Service name Description Price
Tourism B2B
Southeast Asia Market Seminar Southeast market and industry
(whole or each)
USD 5,000〜 Depends Depends Depends
Group interview  Group interview 5 people × 2 sets USD 3,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Consumer Questionnaire  Online web survey by specilized panel USD 3,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Facebook account management in local language Posting in local language,
PR of Facebook and Instagram
USD 1,500〜 Depends Effective Effective
Visiting Japan consulting  Continuous attraction strategy support,local information provision USD 1,500〜 Depends Depends Depends
Campaign planning and operation
for Limited-time 
Planning and implementation of
sales promotion campaign
USD 3,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Website development / translation in Local language Including localization strategies
(from one landing page page available)
USD 3,000〜 Depends Effective Effective
Influencer Marketing(KOL, blogger)   Thailand /Taiwan or other countries
(Field reporting is also available)
USD 3,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Review site Promotion  Pantip of Thailand & Taiwan
message board、Reddit etc 
USD 2,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Google/Facebook advertisemnet management
in local language
in local language from 
USD5,000 of total ad spend 20%
(Linkedin is also avaiable)
USD 5,000〜 Depends Effective Work
Local Media Advertising  TV, radio, newspaper, magazine,
indooor & outdoor advertisement etc
USD 1,500〜 Depends Effective Work
Press Release Public relations to local media centered
on WEB media
USD 3,000〜 Effective Work Depends
Sales Support for exhibitions at malls and events Booth exhibition in each country,
operation support
USD 5,000〜 Effective - Depends
Buyer acquisition Support development and expansion of
B2B marketing locally
USD 3,000〜 - - Depends
Local sales agent(Sales Representative) Survey,sales agent,event support,report USD 2,000〜 Depends Depends Depends
expansion strategy
Southeast Asia Market Advisory Providing local information for decision making and strategic support USD 1,500〜 Depends Depends Depends
Company set up in Thailand,
obtaining visa
Including acquiring company, B-Visa from
setting up office
USD 6,000〜 - - Depends
Company set up in Singapore,
visa acquisition
Company set up in Singapore
/Agency opening account
USD 4,000〜 - - Depends