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Asiaclickers will be your side.

・Which region or countries does Asiaclick specilized in?
    Asiaclick specializes in  every Asia country,especially Taiwan and Southeast Asia .
  It is also possible to organize Facebook and website in Korean, English, Indonesian,
   Malay, Vietnamese and Thai.
   Plase feel free to inquire about other countries and languages.


・ Tell me about your achievements in Asia.
 Inbound tourism, municipalities, Made in Japan product sales,e-commerce,Social media,
publication,restaurants, home appliance mass retailers,cosmetics,health food,
electric machinery manufacturers etc.
Please contact the customer center for more information.
・How much does marketing consulting service cost?
 It depends on your request.
We estimate a project based on your request for proposal, for example according
to Country/ Language/ purpose.
Please contact the customer center for more information.
・Please explain to me by giving specific examples.
We have a lot of successful cases per service solutions.
For your reference, Facebook is the best case
how Asiaclickers working hard and efficiently.
 The initial expansion in Asia of the Japanese brand "Skin Lab"(Hada Labo) 
 80 thousand on Facebook! , Acquiring 1027 new customers in Asia.
 Get facebook 80,000 likes and get 1,027 new customers in Asia.
Approximately 1,000 new customers visited offline store to use Facebook coupon  App campaign
for  "The body shop".  Get 60,000 likes! 
Beauty health brand "Natur-E"  Get 112 million likes.
"Natur-E" became the No.1 beauty health product brand thanks to its "Emotional communication" with the NFO and animation.
Please feel free to inquire about the achievements of the country / industry.
・What makes you different from other companies?
Asiaclick is dedicated social media expert for Asia, every staff is bilingual or more,
have experience living abroad and familiar with customer market in each country. 
In addition, we have abundant examples of each country.
Watch what we have done and listen
what we will do with you.