Business Partnership Recruitment

Asiaclick is looking for business partners worldwide

for our clients worldwide. 

Better relationship makes better business and better world,

This is the reason we Asiaclick need you.

        Types of Recruitment 

           ◆ Agent marketing type    

            ・Promotion and sales to clients as a business partner of Asiaclick.  

                Main Role

             ・Attendance of arrangement after contracts

     ・Project management.

        ◆ Intermediary type     

           ・Promotion service to your clients for Asiaclick.      

    Main Role :                                                                                                                                                                                                      ・Find and suggest project contract opportunities 

        ◆  Examples of consultation

           · Can you help setting and operating our Facebook page for Thailand and Taiwan market? 

             · Can we get the advice for business survey for market research in southeast Asia?

             · Budget Consultation on Vietnam and Philippines customers.

    Asiaclick would like to provide all the information, advice and guidance for clients

with you. 

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