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 "Let's start Southeast Asia business now!

 The key to success is in how to use social media"

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Do you know that social media is a platform for information in Southeast Asia?

Also, Southeast Asia is not only different greatly from economic scale,

political situation, religion, language, national character, etc.,

main use social media is also different.


It is important to communicate information after understanding that.

Why south East Asia now? And why social media is necessary?  

An introduction to Southeast Asia social business.


Table of contents

Prologue: Introduction

Chapter 1 Southeast Asia "What country is this here?"

Chapter 2: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Chapter 3 How is the smartphone used?

Chapter 4 How is social media used?

Chapter 5 How do you use social media?

                 in conclusion


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Takahashi Manabu (Takahashi Manabu) Asian click representative Ltd.

Overseas social media management such as Facebook and Weibo, consulting.

Asia Click Representative. Specialized in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China.

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