about Manabu Takahashi

Manabu Takahashi is a  Asiaclick CEO ,  ASEAN market  specialist.

He was born in Sendai, Japan's Tohoku province, and had  graduated in Tohoku Gakuin.


After he graduate the school with a bachelor degree in  economics, he started his career for Japan's companies and society, and decided to set himself free from the life of a white‐collar worker to devote himself for Asia countries' globalization having left his successful career in Japan.


Since he founded Asiaclick  on June 6, 2012, Asiaclick has made a lot of achievement for both Japanese and global companies'  global strategy.


                              Asia Click CEO & Founder

                               Takahashi Manabu         


  Now he lives based in Southeast Asia, and always wants to share his knowledge and experience for all people who need people,     because that's why we live here together.



Takahashi Manabu (Takahashi Manabu) Asian click representative Ltd.

Overseas social media management such as Facebook and Weibo, consulting. Asia Click Representative.

Specialized in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China.

・Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Development  Adviser

・part time lecturer in The Graduate School of Project Design 

・Contact information

     Twitter: mana0220

instagram: mana0220

       Email: mana@asiaclick.jp

        Blog: Southeast Asia / China Social Media Summary