【Inbound Case Study】What is effective PR event in Taiwan?

Did you know "Japan Tohoku Reclamation Day 2016 Nagasaki Tohoku (Japan Tohoku Rokkoku Thanksgiving Day)"

was held in Taiwan for three days from December 9th to 11th December approximately six months ago?

Based on the Tohoku Tourism PR event this time,

We Asiaclick introduce three points to increase the effect of PR event in Taiwan! 

▶ ︎Japanese article: http://asiasns.jp/jptohokuandtaiwanpr-4933         


Did you know "Japan Tohoku Reclamation Day 2016 Nagoya Rikuji Tohoku (Japan Tohoku Rokkoku Thanksgiving Day)"

held in Taiwan for three days from December 9th to 11th December approximately six months ago?


Based on the Tohoku tourism PR event this time,

Asiaclick will introduce three points to increase the effect of PR event in Taiwan!


               <What is "Nihon Tohoku Recording Day 2016 Nagaiki Fumogoku"? ">


This Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Day is held in December every year since 2014

in order to convey gratitude to Taiwan that was supported for recovery and reconstruction

from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


The Japanese Government Tourism Board (JNTO) and the Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving

Festival Executive Committee (Tohoku Tourism Promotion Agency, Japan Tourism Promotion Association

Tohoku Branch, Tohoku Region, North Transit Authority), about tourist officials visiting from Tohoku etc.

We operate the Northeast Thanksgiving Day with 250 people.


Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Festival, Asiaclick introduced sightseeing information in

Tohoku 6 Prefecture, providing taste of local products and Sake (rice wine: 酒) in Tohoku.

In addition, there were plenty of fun contents such as drawing a picture on "Kokeshi",

experiences of traditional culture, 360 ° VR scope which you can experience the festivals of Tohoku,

"Cherry seed blowing tournament" and so on.

And this year a craftsman came from Akita prefecture, and "Making Kamakura" was demonstrated!


Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Day is a very nice event.  I wanted to go to Tohoku again

after joining this event even I went to Tohoku last October.

Three points Getting new & repeater in Taiwan

1) Distribution of bags to PR and prefecture and sightseeing spots

   At Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Day,

"Cute bags" were distributed to win new customers.

Some people who participate in the event do not know much about Japan.

In other words,

there are people who do not know where each prefecture is located · what is famous.

Therefore, it is very effective to provide participants with bags printed with prefecture names and places,

photos of famous sightseeing spots, etc.! Furthermore, if you think that other participants who saw the bag want a bag,

you think that many people gather in the corner of the prefecture.


2) Place the things you want to take pictures at the booth

  Just by simply posting photos and sightseeing information in the booth, people do not gather much.

We need to decorate traditional clothes and toys, only for that booth.

In such an event, many prefectures and travel agencies are opening up.

Therefore, it is very important to attract more people's interests.

In addition, if it is something you want to take in the picture or decoration, many people gather and

the effect will be higher if it is diffused by SNS.


For example, at the Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Day in Japan,

Yamagata Prefecture put a model of Zao's famous winter "- ice - ice",

and Miyagi Prefecture exhibited the decoration of the Sendai Tanabata Festival.

A lot of people took pictures and got information from each prefecture.

By doing so, you can earn repeaters etc. that have not visited Japan yet in the season when

you can see what is on display at the same time as new customers! 


3) Publish via Facebook

   At many booths in Japan Tohoku Rokkashi Thanksgiving Festival,

it is good for official Facebook page of each prefecture etc.! I did a campaign to get candy and etc.

However, there are problems, and there is a page with only the Japanese name and contents of the Facebook page.

Many people also check the various sightseeing information by watching the Facebook page

even after the event.

In other words, SNS operation in English is necessary at minimum.


We support companies that enter the ASEAN region from all aspects including market survey,

sales channel development such as agency sales, SNS operation and PR through events.

 Even in the case of multiple countries entering simultaneously, we can implement it on one stop!