Singapore : Attract event for  Tohoku tourism in Singapore Embassy



Mr. Takahashi (left), Mr. Sugawara (4th from the right) and

Ambassador Shinoda (center), who spoke at the Visit Northeast Seminar, 23rd February, 2017.

Singapore's center (NNA filming)


アジア経済ビジネス情報 NNA

 The Japanese embassy in Singapore hosted a tourist attraction event "Tohoku Tohoku Seminar" for Tohoku at the Japan Creative Center (JCC),  the base station for Japanese culture in the center, on 23rd February.  About 60 people gathered for this event, including local travel agencies and officials of Japanese airlines.

At the seminar, President Takuya Iwai of Sendai International Airport which first privatized in Japan in July 2016, Mr. Takahashi of Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization and Mr. Sadahiro Sugawara of JR East Singapore Office gave a lecture and the attraction of Tohoku Tourism Appealed.

Kinosuke Shinoda, the Japanese ambassador who greeted at the beginning of the session, told NNA,

"We need to appeal each prefecture individually, but a wide-area approach is necessary",  and the need to attract tourists throughout Tohoku region told.

The ambassador said that Sendai International Airport, which was privatized last year, is "the airport with the most momentum and potential", and expressed his wish to make direct flights from Singapore to be in service in the near future.

Sendai International Airport functions as an empty gateway to the entire Tohoku region. In order to attract tourists visiting Japan Tohoku region, it is necessary to increase the direct flights of international flights to the airport. The airport aims to raise the number of airport users to 41 million people by 31% compared to 15 years in 20 years. In particular, I plan to increase the number of international passengers by 2.8 times to 480,000, 15 years (170,000). President Iwai is currently undergoing renovation work on the first floor of the airport terminal, and newly established a tourist information center and a cafe for arrival customers. We will reopen the renovation part by the Golden Week this year. In addition to this, in order to increase the number of flights that can arrive and depart, it is said to add boarding gates over 18 years.

Ms. Ellis Sung of Singapore's travel agency First Choice Holiday participated in the seminar  said,"I realized the charm of Tohoku again (through the seminar) and I would like to focus on promoting the Tohoku tour products already provided"  

Source :  NNA ASIA "【シンガポール】東北観光の誘致イベントを開催、大使館[観光]"    2017/2/24 01:59